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Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are more than just a minor irritation to the over 6 million people, particularly women, who experience them. Besides dealing with the symptoms, such as frequent and painful urination, sufferers must also be concerned about the possibilities for complications such as Pyelonephritis (damage to the kidneys which could eventually result in renal failure).
UTIs are caused when bacteria begins to multiply on the urethra causing the normally sterile urine to become contaminated. Bacteria can come in contact with the urethra for a number of reasons, including improper hygiene, sexual intercourse, and frequent urination delays. All of these can be dealt with by following a few simple precautions so that the likelihood of getting a UTI is greatly reduced.

These precautions include:

1) Women should avoid coming in contact with spermicide or using a diaphragm for birth control if they are prone to UTIs. Research has shown a correlation between these factors and an increase chance of getting a UTI.

2) Women should wipe from front to back after bowel movements and urination to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina. Using antiseptic wipes such as those sold by Traveljohn™ can also help stop contamination.

3) Both sexes may reduce their UTI risk by urinating before and after sex in order to eliminate any bacteria near the urethra.

4) Both sexes should drink plenty of water in order to flesh out the bladder and the urinary tract frequently.

5) Both sexes should take plenty of Vitamin C in order to increase your urine’s acidity while will create a hostile environment for the bacteria.

6) Another way to prevent UTIs is to urinate whenever the need arises. If you frequently have to “hold it,” you may be weakening the muscles of your bladder which can cause some urine to remain in the bladder even after you use the bathroom. This remaining urine can easily become contaminated by bacteria. Of course that’s not always possible. Long lines for public restrooms, traffic jams, and limited access to facilities can force you to delay urination. One solution is to use personal waste disposal products, such as Traveljohn™ ‘s urinal kits.

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