On The Road

Do you travel by car, by plane, by bus? Mr. TravelJohn™ and his family do. And when they’re on the go, sometimes they also have the need to go.
Of course in the middle of a traffic jam, in a plane above the ocean, or on a bus without working facilities that’s not always possible.
But Mr. TravelJohn ’s family never worries because they always keep hygienic and convenient TravelJohn™ personal waste disposal products nearby, such as
> Leak proof and odorless disposable urinals
> Disinfecting and deodorizing solid waste collection kits with antiseptic hand wipes
>Absorbent and handy pocket tissues which fit perfectly in purses, glove compartments, duffel bags, and more
With TravelJohn™ products, you can travel at your leisure without worrying about embarrassing bathroom emergencies or having to endanger your health by waiting for miles or for hours to get relief.
Check out our online catalog to learn more or to get your own essential travel supplies visit one of these fine retailers or order online today.