In Healthcare Community

Mrs. Traveljohn™ works in a hospital as a nurse. The biggest problems she sees is the mess and difficulty involved in helping patients go to the bathroom especially those who experience limited mobility, are in post surgery recovery, are diagnosed with interstitial cystitis syndrome, etc. Bed pans can be hard for the patients to use while catheters can sometimes cause patients to develop a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). The results are often unsanitary and embarrassing for the patients.
But Mrs. Traveljohn™ found a solution at her hospital.
Instead of relying on those ineffective and uncomfortable devices when she helps her patients, Mrs. Traveljohn™ uses safe hygienic, and convenient personal waste disposal products, including
•Leak proof and odorless disposable urinals
•Disinfecting and deodorizing solid waste collection kits with antiseptic hand wipes
•Absorbent and handy pocket tissues which fit perfectly in any patient’s bedside table
With Traveljohn™ products, patients can keep their dignity even during the most difficult periods of their lives and the hospital staff can promote a truly sanitary solution.
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