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At Outdoor

Mr. TravelJohn™ and his family enjoy exploring the great outdoors: hiking, biking, camping, flying, etc. There's simply nothing more rejuvenating or invigorating than getting away from it all.
But there's a problem.

When you're miles away from a suitable restroom, what do you do when nature calls?

If you're like Mr. TravelJohn™ and his family you come prepared with TravelJohn™ ’s safe hygienic, and convenient personal waste disposal products, including

   > Foldable/Commode Chairs which are lightweight and fold into portable        toilets

   > Privacy tents, which can be used to keep your personal activities private

   > Leak proof and odorless disposable urinals
      Disinfecting and deodorizing solid waste collection kits with antiseptic       hand wipes

   > Absorbent and handy pocket tissues which fit
      perfectly in purses, glove compartments, duffel bags, and more

With TravelJohn™ products, you can enjoy the wonders of nature without being distracted by wondering where to go when the need arises.

Check out our online catalog to learn more or to get your own essential travel supplies visit one of these fine retailers or order online today.

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